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Valentine's Day Traditions

The Valentine's Day tradition has never ceased to lose its charm & fervency ever since its origin. It is still very much in practice & is celebrated globally to mark the profound love which the beloveds share among each other. The traditions have remained the same though undergone changes in their practical aspects. It has become much more vibrant coupled with material expression of love which further aids them to prove their immeasurable love in their beloveds' eyes. Showering them with delightful gifts as in fragrant flowers, mesmerizing cards, chocolates to name few are common Valentine's Day rituals religiously practiced till date.

Chastity of Valentine's Day
Considering the festival as honoring the pristine & platonic feeling of lovers, the festival has endured distinct connotations bringing forth its importance in the contemporary society. The varied manifestations have imparted it with much more dynamism than its' earlier implications. Celebrated with gaiety & fervor, it is seen as the union of great loves bridging barriers to communicate their immense love which has survived all the odds to reach the present. Love is in the air when Valentine's Day is around the corner. The materialistic way of celebration has substituted the much simpler expression of love. Exchanging gifts of love takes place not only among lovers but even amidst frinds, parents, siblings, colleagues etc.

Celebration Rituals
One thing still unchanged & is synonymous with the Valentine's Day festivity is the lovers going out on a romantic date to mark their immense love. Moreover, spending time together even today holds an indeed important way of acknowledging the day in the present society. Giving ample amount of time to beloveds top the priority list & hanging out in pleasant places add to the memories of the day to be cherished for years. Lovebirds throng almost any place be it a mall, discotheques, eating joints etc. to make their dates perfect. It provides them with enough opportunities to give voice to their unsaid & intense feelings.

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Valentines Day

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